Who’s Unpatriotic Now?

June 10, 2016

8566717881_4cd237e309_oIt seems to be well-established by Donald Trump himself that he is an unapologetic racist, misogynist, divisive, self-aggrandizing narcissist with all of the attributes of a fascist dictator.  He rejects the Constitution and our form of government.  I can see him wanting to establish a secret police force to “rough up” those who disagree with him, be they ordinary citizens, members of the press, or government officials, like judges or members of Congress.  The “Brute Squad” from the Princess Bride will be what we must be wary of on a simple walk down the street.

Despite this manifestation of evil and everything a true patriot should reject, all I read is that Republicans are upset not about what Trump stands for, but that he is telling everyone what he stands for.  They want him to “tone it down,” “soften his rhetoric,” and “act more Presidential,” as if any of that would change the man inside or what he would do as a megalomaniac in power.  Trump has let fly with his true view of the world, but the “Republican elite” are suggesting that if he pretends to be someone we all know he is not, they will support him, even though they know who he really is.

In my view, anyone who doesn’t categorically reject Donald Trump and what he stands for is aiding and abetting a seditionist.  Which means they are seditionists themselves.  If Paul Ryan wants to get rid of his professed angst over supporting Trump, he shouldn’t support him.  He should flat out reject him.  He and anyone else who doesn’t is not a patriot in my book, but a traitor.  Wanting to hand the keys to our government to a dictator is the epitome of being un-American.

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

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