Rolls-Royce’s Engine Defect Secrecy

December 09, 2010

In Indianapolis, Rolls-Royce Corp. concealed reoccurring defects at an aircraft engine plant, and then fired a safety official for reporting the problems.

Thomas McArtor filed the whistleblower lawsuit 34 months ago, but it was only until Tuesday that the federal court finally unsealed his complaint. Lawyers for McArtor disapprove of the aircraft manufacturer’s attempt to keep safety information a secret from the public. According to the lawsuit, Rolls-Royce Corp. tried to boost profits by compromising quality controls, and then hid information regarding the defects from the public. These engines are used for civilian and military aircraft, and the lawsuit also says that in some cases, the defective engines have even led to deaths in Iraq.

One lawyer stated, “It is arrogant for any of them to pick and choose which defects the public gets to hear about. Aircraft operators and airline travelers deserve complete transparency so that they can evaluate the risks and take steps to protect themselves.”

Time for your secrets to roll out, Rolls-Royce!

Source: Whistleblower suit cites Rolls plane engine flaws

Photo Credit: Mark Hillary

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