Hall of Shame: Depuy

November 14, 2010

Wexler Wallace is currently investigating cases around defective hip implant systems. Two Depuy hip systems – the ASR™ XL Acetabular System and the ASR™ Hip Resurfacing System – have been recalled after more than two years of complaints from patients suffering from injuries and requiring revision surgeries.

The hip implant system is comprised of metal components, including a metal cap on the ball of the femur. With natural wear, metal-on-metal movement causes metallosis, where the friction from the metal parts release potentially toxic chromium and cobalt particles into the body. Metallosis can cause nerve and tissue damage, rashes, and inflammation around the hip area, and in serious cases, patients may need to undergo corrective surgery.

Depuy plans to pay patients for “reasonable and customary” medical costs associated with hip testing and treatment linked with the ASR hip systems. And according to the Depuy recall website, for patients who don’t have out-of-pocket medical fees, Depuy states that it may reimburse them for travel expenses and wages from lost work time – basically, there is no guarantee of travel and lost wage reimbursement.

Why would it take over two years for Depuy to realize that these hip implant systems pose serious risks and finally recall the products? Within these two years, Depuy has sold 93,000 hip implant systems, meaning 93,000 patients face, or will face, the consequences of these faulty medical products. Even if Depuy intends to pay “reasonable and customary” costs for affected patients, no amount of money will be able to cover the pain and suffering that these patients experience.


ASR™ Hip Recall Guide

Why Did DePuy & Doctors Downplay Cobalt & Chromium Poisoning in Hip Replacement Patients?

Photo Credit: Michael Simmons

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    I had a double hip releecampnt when I was 24 due to a rare bone deformity condition. Having the metal on metal implants was the best decision i could have made- and I should have had it done 5 years before I did. My life has changed considerably due to the implants and I can walk without pain. I knew the potential risks but took my chances as my alternative was a wheelchair. Its scary to think of consequences of taking that risk (like metal debris and possible recall) but even a few years of being pain free and active was worth it!

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    So much Ugliness, so Much Pain and Suffering from these horror-implants!Metallosis is a Terrible thing to do to an uticspeunsng, Innocent patient and J&J has done it to thousands. Terrible!It’s not right to see it as okay just because a lot of these hip replacements are going into old people. Those are the folks who already have health issues, usually, so the Last thing they need or want is to face additional surgeries, on top of metal toxicity in their bodies and inflammation from these decaying, metal implants.Necrosis metallosis they are Very ugly terms for Very Ugly conditions in the body and it could All have been avoided, re: these DePuy implants, because the company Knew the FDA Knew that anyone getting such an implant would be set up for a whole host of extremely serious health maladies.I feel so bad for these people! They already were in serious pain from their hips, necessitating a very difficult surgery. They Thought they were out of the woods, afterwards, only to learn that their troubles, their agonies, their terrible pain and health maladies were just Beginning!It’s just Disgusting, the way this country treats its own people. The FDA sounds like a very corrupt agency, and J&& should be punished to the Max, but all they will have to do is pay out some of their gargantuan profits, (as little as possible if They can help it). Their payments are hardly enough they do not even come Close to atoning for what they’ve done to patients.