Chamber of Commerce’s Big Ties to Big Tobacco Under Fire

July 08, 2015

You can’t please all of the people all of the time, and if you’re the U.S. Chamber of Commerce that’s certainly true right now. The CVS Health Corporation, the largest pharmacy health care provider in the U.S., has withdrawn its

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Hall of Shame: Experian

June 20, 2014

As someone who has experienced a (relatively minor) case of identity theft, I can personally attest to how frustrating and time consuming it can be to correct blatant misinformation with the various consumer credit reporting companies.  Proving that I was

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JP Morgan Chase Expected to Pay Record Settlement

October 24, 2013

The story of banking giant JPMorgan Chase’s $13 billion settlement has been in heavy rotation on network and cable news outlets this week, as it should be. This settlement is the largest ever between a single company and the U.S.

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Hall of Shame: Johnson & Johnson’s License Suspended

May 21, 2013

Pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson is currently under fire as the subject of thousands of lawsuits involving defective products, including both their metal-on-metal hip implant systems and vaginal mesh.  But it seems that is not their only problem.  The Maharashtra

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Hall of Shame: Chinese Chicken Jerky Dog Treats and the FDA

January 31, 2013

For years, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) has been investigating a possible contamination in chicken jerky dog treats. The investigation began in 2007 (on the heels of the massive recall of melamine-tainted pet food in the U.S. and

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Hall of Shame: PayPal’s New User Agreement

November 01, 2012

Changes have come to PayPal’s user agreement, and of course, the changes are not for the benefit PayPal’s customers. The company recently added a section to its user agreement which takes away a user’s right to sue in court. PayPal

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Hall of Shame: Illinois Director of Insurance Michael T. McRaith – A Postscript

February 28, 2011

On December 2, 2010, I commented on the outrageous conduct of Illinois’ Director of Insurance Michael T. McRaith.  He had “settled” the investigation of a life insurance broker (Merrill Lynch Life Agency) for $18 million, requiring funeral directors across the

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Dannon To Pay $21 Million for False Claims

December 23, 2010

Thirty-nine states have filed a lawsuit against Dannon for exaggerating the health benefits of its products. Dannon will pay $21 million over false statements promoting the digestive and immune system benefits of Activia yogurt and DanActive dairy drinks, making this the

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Rolls-Royce’s Engine Defect Secrecy

December 09, 2010

In Indianapolis, Rolls-Royce Corp. concealed reoccurring defects at an aircraft engine plant, and then fired a safety official for reporting the problems. Thomas McArtor filed the whistleblower lawsuit 34 months ago, but it was only until Tuesday that the federal

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Bad Guys Finish Last?

December 07, 2010

Last week, an online eyeglass retailer found out the bad publicity was good publicity. Vitaly Borker, owner of DecorMyEyes, claims that customers’ complaints against his business created publicity, as his company website saw a rankings boost in Google search results.

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