Bad Guys Finish Last?

December 07, 2010

Last week, an online eyeglass retailer found out the bad publicity was good publicity. Vitaly Borker, owner of DecorMyEyes, claims that customers’ complaints against his business created publicity, as his company website saw a rankings boost in Google search results. Borker says that customers would lie and change their decision about their purchase, costing him money. Borker bluntly showed his annoyance at these customers, and as customers began to complain, Borker believes that the complaints turned into buzz, which helped increase his sales.

Google responded to Borker’s claim by saying that it will revise its search algorithm so that companies with “extremely poor user experience” like Borker’s would be penalized. Google states that “Being bad is, and hopefully will always be, bad for business in Google’s search results.”

Customers allege that they’ve been overcharged and scammed through business with DecorMyEyes. Borker isn’t afraid to talk back to those who try to dispute with him about a purchase gone wrong. Borker’s antagnostic behavior towards his customers include verbal and written obscenity, threats of sexual assault and menacing emails.

As of yesterday, Borker was arrested on several counts, including mail and wire fraud, making threats and cyberstalking. The maximum sentence for mail fraud and wire fraud each is 20 years imprisonment, and five years maximum sentence for threat and stalking charges. Borker’s arraignment is scheduled for December 22.

Some lawyers argue that Borker should be released on bail as he has no accusations of having committed violence. Other attorneys, however, disagree and believe that although Borker hasn’t actually physically harmed anyone, he is still a threat to the community. Will the bad guy end up finishing last as he should? Or do you think he should be released on bail?

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