ABA Looks for the Best of the Best Legal “Blawgs”

August 10, 2015

Ever year the American Bar Association honors 100 of the best legal blogs with its Blawg 100 Amici.  In 2015 – its ninth year – the ABA continues to seek out the best in legal blogs with topics ranging from the latest in IP news, employment litigation, criminal law, Supreme Court happenings and consumer protection news and litigation. If you’ve read this blog, you know that last category is our focus. Whether its writing about the latest efforts to eliminate class actions by congress, nutrition labeling wins for consumers or executive orders about fair pay and safe workplaces, we strive to bring our readers the latest and greatest on all things consumer law and advocacy.

If you are a reader of this blog and have found our posts informational or entertaining, please consider nominating us for the 2015 ABA Top Law Blawgs. The form to nominate us (or any of your favorite legal blogs) can be found here. Let the ABA know in 500 words or less why you think we should be included in this distinguished group. Nominations are due no later than Aug. 16.


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